Testimonials & Transformation

“I had been training with Justin for over 3 years. In my first couple of months I lost 30 pounds. I went from barely being able to make it through 2 sessions a week, to training multiple times a week on my own as well. Working out with Justin has been really important for me especially after I got a back injury at home. Justin took the time to study different exercises and stretches that didn’t just impact my lifting but my comfort in my everyday life. In 3 years I never got bored or felt like I had reached the end of what Justin could teach me. He constantly was evolving our lifting style and workouts to keep my body and mind engaged. 
I would recommend anyone who wants to take their fitness seriously to look no further than Justin. He will be honest with you regarding your goals and your current lifestyle. In my experience he started out just being my personal trainer and through fitness I can say that he has become a good friend as well. If I hadn’t left Eastern Shore I’d still be going to the studio, 5 minutes late, twice a week.”
“Justin is a great coach! He is extremely professional and informative. He coached me for my first bikini competition 3 years ago and helped me lose 22lbs for prep. He continued to train me after that and has helped me accomplish every goal I’ve had along the way! I always looked forward to my sessions and check ins every week. He held me accountable to reaching my goals but always in a respectful and motivating way! 10/10 would recommend Justin to beginners and to experienced lifters! Even with my experience in lifting I learned so much about form and how to really feel the control of my body composition! I have never felt so confident in my body!”

“Justin changed my life. He took the time to understand my overall goals. He tailored an eating plan and workouts to meet my goals. In less than a year, he transformed not only my body, but also my way of thinking about health and fitness.
Justin didn’t just give me direction, but also took the time to teach me the correct way to work on specific muscle groups as well as how to properly meal prep for those goals.
If you are serious about changing your life, Justin is the trainer for you.”

“I trained with Justin for a total of 6 months and I lost 45lbs. I have tried all the diet fads you could think of and nothing has ever worked for me like the training I received from the Iron Heads Gym. The things I loved the most about the training is Justin really took the time to show you proper form when lifting weights, he would give me options of different exercises I could do on my own time and he would always give me challenges that he knew I could overcome. When it came to nutrition, Justin made a whole list of different foods and the portions to eat with them. He was also very flexible when you wanted to substitute an item for something else. I always loved the fact that I had someone to hold me accountable for my actions and keep me focused. Justin is definitely one the best and I can never thank him enough for changing my lifestyle around.”

Testimonial coming soon.
Testimonial coming soon.
Justin’s knowledge on nutrition is nothing short of superb. Prior to learning and training with him, I was never able to gain weight as I have always been a fairly skinny guy. After getting started on a nutrition plan and training with Justin, he was able to get me from 140 pounds to 175 pounds with lean muscle. The nutrition plans were easy to follow and the training was tough, but in a good way! Justin really helped me realize that my goals for both strength and muscle building were obtainable.

“I employed Justin Hartman as a personal trainer at the gym I go to regularly in Stevensville, Maryland. I have always been pleased with Justin’s professional and pleasant presence.
Justin initially completed a thorough assessment of my physical capabilities, created a safe and effective workout program for me and was attentive to my personal goals. Justin communicates clearly and is very effective at keeping the training sessions positive and upbeat through motivation, encouragement and accountability.
I have also been impressed with Justin’s obvious knowledge of proper training techniques, anatomy, and the hows and whys of wise nutrition to support exercise and overall health.
Justin helped me reach my goals and beyond! This laid the solid ground work for my continuing personal exercise routine.”